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In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.

- Hello, who are you? - asked the little prince.
- I'm Borislav Bonev and I’m a sculptor. – I replied to the boy.
- What’s it like to be a sculptor? - He asked.
- A Sculptor is someone who makes works of art and creates sculptures.
- What does art mean?
- Art is the emotion of seeing things which are invisible to other people, it is the physical embodiment of a beautiful feeling, coming from the artist’s imagination.
- And what is a sculpture made of?
- A sculpture can be made of stone, wood, glass, terracotta and bronze - a bronze sculpture. The figures that you see here are small bronze sculptures -small plastic arts.
- Bronze sculptures! - asked the little boy in astonishment.
- Yes, bronze is an alloy containing copper and tin or copper and zinc. First a pattern is made, followed by a clay mold, reproduced in wax, taken to a foundry and creating a strong shell. The wax is melted and the bronze poured into the mold. After cooling it takes the form of the pattern.
- And thus the small bronze sculpture is ready?
- Not yet. Now it needs forming because it is still a little rough. Now it needs to be ground, smoothed and engraved so that its forms are enhanced.
- And what is that green stuff on it? - Impatiently asked he again.
- You’ll see. - I replied. - This is a patina for aging of the metal. It needs heating and oxidation. Finally, the polishing starts. And now the last step is to put it on a marble pedestal by or a semperit.
- Now what will happen to the small sculpture?
- It will appear in a gallery so that people can see it and I will be able to share with them my sense how I see the world. Then if they like it, they could take it and put the sculpture at their homes and it will give joy to their heart and soul. They can choose it as a gift for someone they love, or simply a gift for a friend, or as a memorial trophy and an achievement award. I hope I answered most of your questions.
- Yes ... And will you make a sculpture for me?
- Of course, little boy, I will...

Dragon's heart
Material: Bronze Size: H 27 cm.
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Material: Bronze Size: H 25 cm.
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Award VIT
Material: Bronze Size: H 27 cm.
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Material: Bronze Size: H 12 cm.
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